READERS have reacted after plans were submitted for Barrow’s former Topps Tiles unit in Walney Road, which closed in February.

Plans have been put forward to allow the space to be turned into a donation centre and charity shop for the Salvation Army.

Sunny 64 said: “Omg what is wrong with Barrow? Charity shops pound shops what a dump it is becoming. "Let’s get some decent shops to bring people here to spend their cash.

"At least it’s not another take a way — next it will be Primark.”

Mary on Saturday said: “Same as every other town.”

John West said: “If they would just take away the nonsensical one-way system through the industrial estate, which must have cost thousands and is completely unnecessary, that estate would be busy again.

"As you come down Walney Road, there are no pedestrians on a pavement 40 feet wide! Do the people who organise these things ever discuss it with anybody who actually drives?"

Gerard Nicholson said: “Not another one, disappointed and disgraceful.

"Still no disability and learning difficulties rec or play centre with all these empty buildings.

“Welcome to Barrow, the home of charity, take aways, industry, flats, hotels and contractors.”

Pete peeps said: “The armpit of the UK gets better by the day.”

Steven Thomason said: “If anything can fill an empty property, it’s got to be a good thing.”

BigDave91 said: “Do we really need another charity shop? We have enough already.

"Not to mention the million takeaway spots."

Simon Kenny said: “Oh good, more charity shops.”

Barbara Wright said: “Just what Barrow needed, another charity shop.”

Stuart Metcalfe said: “In a bad place there, just look at Lidl that was where Farmfoods is.

"No one used it and Farmfoods is never full, just think they’re in the wrong place.”