A WINDERMERE salon is rebranding and expanding to help the community connect and relax as it recovers from the pandemic.

The Forge Lore, formerly the Celtic Magpie Hair Lakes, will be expanding on its current services and introducing new ones.

Business partners Shane Evans and Lesley Hoyle have been working together for eight years and set up the Celtic Magpie as an environmentally friendly hair salon, which also provided spaces for workshops and therapy.

The partners have now decided to rebrand the business as the Forge Lore, and expand on its already diverse services, including increasing its retail section, offering a space for pop-up markets, and arts and crafts.

The business will also be using environmentally friendly products, with no artificial chemicals.

Shane said: “We’re rebranding the salon so one of the things we can do is basically show we are a lot more than just a salon.

“We want to provide hair styles, workshops, therapy, and more. Essentially, we will be a place for the community to connect and relax.

“I suppose after the lockdown we wanted to do something that was more about variety. It’s more of an option to come in and explore what we have and find new things every time.

“We are very passionate about fulfilling the customer’s desired experience. They can enjoy conversation, community, connect to one another and just chill out.

“Obviously, it won’t be as much right now, but when lockdown is over, we hope to provide that.”

Lesley said: “All the services and products we offer go hand in hand. They focus on good living, craftsmanship and health.

“We’ve been operating here for three years, but we had another shop in Oxfordshire which was a salon and a vegetarian coffee shop.

“It also could be used as an art gallery. We’ve done this before.

“We wanted to make it clear that our approach is environmentally friendly, like we were in Oxford.

“It’s like a natural duty to keep the cleanliness of the environment we’re in. The Lakes are so beautiful.”

Shane added: “We’re already started on the rebrand. We’re in the process of converting some of the salon into a bigger retail space. After September we hope to begin putting in more events.

“We offer therapy, hair styles and workshops currently.

"The retail will be expanded on. Events like pop-up markets and art exhibitions should come next. We’d like to see talks and maybe lecturers on in the future as well. The whole space can be transformed in 20 minutes.”