A MULTI-MILLION-POUND project to tackle congestion and pave the way for new homes and jobs near Ulverston will start in September as workers move away during the bird-nesting season.

Highways England is constructing the new roundabout along the A590 at Cross-a-Moor, south of Ulverston.

It is expected to cost around £7 million with partnership funding from Highways England, Cumbria County Council, Cumbria Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) and South Lakeland District Council.

Reader Peter Sullivan posted: “I really can’t see how spending any money on this is justified, let alone £7m. It just isn’t needed.

"A much bigger priority is doing something about the constant, dangerous queue on the A590 outside the Recycling Centre. Not to mention the countless holes, bumps, dips, and general decay of all the town’s roads, which are appalling and which the council does nothing unless someone reports the holes, despite them being visible to any member of Highways inspecting the roads. And even then, they’re poor repairs.”

Gary Muller said: “Who are buying all these new houses in Ulverston anyway? It doesn’t make sense?”

Lara Lucas said: “I can see numerous straight runs forming to avoid the jams for the nine months' duration, an extra half-hour each way from my home to work. Retirement may be the only answer.”

Mary Saturn said: “It was a big mistake to build Aldi, M&S etc with access from a race track. Ulverston needs a bypass, but the roundabout will help. We all know the rich people buying the £500,000 new houses in Ulverston and Barrow need it.”