READERS have reacted after Tesco bosses responded to fears that staff are not enforcing the use of face coverings in their Barrow store.

A spokesman from the supermarket chain said they would not let let anyone in their stores without a face covering, unless they are exempt.

Dave Baker said: "Don't let them in without them no matter why. Too many people with false credentials."

Gill Park said: "And without doing their hands and trolleys."

Pam Edmondson said: "Who on earth would even think of going into any shop without a mask?

"Over here we wear them in the street never mind just in shops.

"Never ceased to be amazed by the amount of selfish, ignorant people on this site."

Lori Robinson said: "Well they need to be asked to wear one, or they can't come in, unless they can prove they are exempt."

Anna Clarke said "Lori Robinson no one has to prove they're exempt, it's private information that doesn't need to be shared with a shop worker or anyone else, it's between them and their doctor."

Lori Robinson said: "Anna Clarke but most of the people who are exempt wear the badge given, this can help!

"Otherwise you could have people coming in saying they are when they aren't, not being fair to other customers, face masks are still compulsory."

Notfarwrong said: "Nobody can 'enforce' it.

"Shoppers are not required to show their medical details in order to enter a shop."