A GUIDE which gives advice on when Barrow’s town hall can be lit up to mark special occasions has been published.

The 19th-century neo-gothic structure has been bathed in colourful lights on a number of occasions over the last six months.

Events including the UK’s national day of reflection to remember those lost over 12 months of the pandemic and the death Prince Philip have all been marked by the town hall being illuminated.

The hall will be lit up again on May 15 for Furness Pride.

Now, with requests frequently being made for special events to be commemorated, a new guide has been created.

A spokesperson for Barrow Borough Council said: “We are so fortunate to have such a stunning town hall in the centre of Barrow - it really is an asset of the borough of which we are very proud.

“Recently, it has become even more of a focal point, as we have used special lighting equipment to illuminate it for various special occasions or national days of recognition.

“The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and the number of requests we are now getting to light up the town hall is significant. It’s for that reason we thought a handy guide to what is possible would be helpful.”

The town hall can be lit up for a variety of reasons, including:

● National festivals and events, for example Christmas and Halloween

● To supplement the town hall’s flying of the flag, for example on Royal birthdays and remembrance days

● For awareness days, charity events and festivals, for example, World Parkinson’s Day.

Requests are not accepted for personal or family events, nor are they permitted for commercial or political reasons.

If you wish to request that the town hall shines a light on a special day or event, contact Lee Winter on lmwinter@barrowbc.gov.uk

To find out more visit www.barrowbc.gov.uk/residents/leisure-and-events/light-up-the-town-hall/