READERS have shared their thoughts on what should be done to fill the space left by Debenhams in Barrow.

Recently the store’s bosses announced the department store will finally close on May 12.

Barrow Business Improvement District manager Colin Garnett revealed he hopes to speak to the ‘powers that be’, such as Barrow Borough Council, about what could fill the empty unit.

John Eccles said: “Make it into an indoor shopping centre like Westmorland Shopping Centre and incorporate the two units either side.”

Darren Gill said: “Give the building a vote by the public of what goes there next, then the powers that be have to listen to what the public want.”

Helen Grave said: “Shopping arcade.”

Alan Davis said: “Town has enough flats.”

Alan Prickett said: “Knock it down like the rest of the buildings — car park.”

Mary Kite said: “Alan Prickett no car park needed when there’s no shops to go to.”

Barrow Anon said: “Why not make upstairs into a takeaway /eat in hall with all the different cuisines under one roof.

“Bit like Cavendish Street but with a roof and downstairs nail bars and charity shops. Would fit in with rest of town then.”

Duncan Mills said: “My guess is Primark has to be favourite, selling cheap one wash rags.

"More quality to be had in any of the 27 charity shops in the town.”

Frank Kendall said: “Whatever moves in here will have to make a lot of profit to survive.”

Boring 10 said: “Just knock it. All down nothing but junk in Barrow, never been as bad, we had it all at one time.”

Debenhams collapsed at the end of last year, with the closure of all its stores confirmed after Boohoo agreed to only buy its website and brand in a £55 million rescue deal.

The closure of Debenhams follows other national chains that neighbour it in Portland Walk, such as Topshop and River Island.