AN 'AMAZING' mother-of-two who was 'lovely, kind, and generous' died after consuming a fatal level of drugs, an inquest heard.

Rebecca Megan Shaw died at the age of 32 at her home in Ulverston on August 10, 2020 whilst her son was having a sleepover downstairs with the neighbour's child, Cockermouth Coroner's Court was told.

The Neville Street resident had a previous attempt of self-harm, according to her doctor's notes, and her parents believed she 'could not see the good in herself' despite what others saw in her.

Both Miss Shaw's parents, Peter Shaw and Alison Jesson explained that she had been under stress due to a relationship breakdown, the coronavirus pandemic, and an impending court case.

"She always made time for others and her friends knew they could knock on her door night or day for help," Mr Shaw said in a statement.

"In March when lockdown hit, she had to stop work as a barber.

"Her relationship with Gavin Mitchell broke down shortly into lockdown as well.

"On August 10 I received a call from my grandson who said, grandad come quick I think mum is dead."

Mr Shaw went on to say how he went to her house following the call and found empty medication packets and a note to her children which were for 'if anything happened to her', the court was told. He also added that there was an impending court case with her former partner Darren Bell with whom she shared two children.

This was considered a 'stressful' concern according to coroner Dr Nicholas Shaw and was alluded to in Alison Jesson's statement who went on to highlight her misuse of drugs and alcohol which led to her trying to get children's services involved.

"It was never about getting her in trouble, I just wanted to get her help," she said.

"She was a lovely, kind, and generous person and sadly she did not see those qualities in herself." Ms Jesson highlighted this as the reason for her daughter using drugs and alcohol.

"I miss and love her more and more every day, " she continued. "I hope the children become the very best they can be as she would have wanted."

Both parents highlighted her commitment to her children in their statements and how she would not let anything going on in her life impact on them.

PC Laura Bywood who attended the scene on the date of her death described seeing empty packets of an anti-depressant venlafaxine and morphine. Paramedics were unable to provide treatment as rigor mortis had already set in, the court was told.

The post-mortem report conducted by Dr Sarah Hauxwell found 120mg per decilitre of alcohol in her blood consistent with slight intoxication as well as cocaine found at a recreational level.

The significant finding was that of venlafaxine and morphine both of which were detected in her blood at fatal levels.

The cause of death given was multi-drug toxicity with venlafaxine, morphine, and cocaine.

The coroner 'completely ruled out' suicide as an option due to the children being in the house at the time and alluded to no evidence pointing to the fact.

In his conclusion, Dr Nicholas Shaw said: "The most appropriate conclusion is a drug related death.

"She was under considerable stress following a breakup and had an impending court case.

"She took a combination of drugs but there is no evidence to suggest she took her own life."