WALNEY has been ranked as the cheapest nudist getaway out of the UK's top destinations.

Research by hotel booking platform, Hoo, has revealed that hotel room rates surrounding 41 of Britain’s best nudist beaches cost 57 per cent more than the UK average.

The research shows that when booking a seven week stay the cost of a hotel room per night came in at £115 on average, 57 per cent more than the room rate of the average UK hotel of £73.

Hotel room rates surrounding nudist beach of West Shore Walney Island bucked the trend, averaging just £71 per night, coming in at -2 per cent below the UK average.

Lymington’s Taddiford Gap in Hampshire is the most expensive of the lot. On average, a hotel room close to this nudist beach comes in at £181 per night, 148% higher than the national average.

Hoo Co-founder, Adrian Murdock, said: “Although a visit to one of the UK’s most popular nudist beaches might mean a lighter suitcase, it’s also likely to come at a higher cost with the average room rate surrounding almost all of those we looked at coming in above the UK average.

"Of course, it’s hard to put a price on such a feeling of complete freedom, not to mention the fact that many of these beaches are found along some of the best stretches of coastline the UK has to offer.

"However, if you’re less inclined to go starkers while at the seaside, you might want to look further afield as it could mean paying less where accommodation is concerned.

"Whatever beach you opt for, just remember to bring the sun cream.”