THE jury in a trial of two people accused of causing the death of a man who choked on a train will continue their deliberations today.

A brother and sister have been on trial for manslaughter after it is alleged they ‘force fed’ David Clark, 56, with pieces of kebab meat during a food fight.

Mr Clark, from Grange, collapsed on a train heading to Barrow following the Lancaster FC v Farsley Celtic match on March 2 2019.

Nicole Cavin, 22, of Market Street, Grange, and David Noble, 32, of Main Street, Grange, denied manslaughter.

The trial began last week.

When asked if she had done anything which could have caused him harm, Cavin said: “No. Only removing the food from his mouth.

"I feel like I might have pushed it further down by accident. I don’t know.”

The jury was asked to consider whether Mr Clark was asleep, or believed to be asleep, when food was placed in his mouth.

They will return to deliberations today.