A NEW book and accompanying documentary celebrate Cumbria’s prehistoric stone monuments.

Windermere filmmaker and prehistory writer Adam Ibbotson has created the book and film documenting some of the lesser-known aspects of Cumbrian history.

‘Cumbria's Prehistoric Monuments’, the book which documents the history of Cumbria 3000 years before the Romans settled.

Mr Ibbotson said, “Cumbria’s 'megalithic' monuments are among Europe's greatest and best-preserved ancient relics but are often poorly understood and rarely visited.

“Cumbria’s Prehistoric Monuments aims to dispel the idea that these stones are merely ‘mysterious’.

“Instead, you will find within this book credible answers, using up to date research, excavation notes, maps and diagrams to explore one of Britain's richest archaeological landscapes.”

The book contains a deep dive into the history of some of the regions best known attractions, including Hadrian's Wall, Kendal Castle, and beautiful fells of the Lake District.

It contains stunning original photography and newly illustrated diagrams of every megalithic site in the county.

The accompanying film, ‘Mysteries of the Stone Age’ is a short documentary that showcases Cumbria’s ancient stone monuments.

The film contains impressive shots of Castlerigg Stone Circle, the stones at Copt Howe, and the Langdale boulders, among others.

Ibbotson said: “Many people are unaware that the best-preserved examples of such monuments, such as stone circles, cairns, and passage tombs, exist at Britain’s extremities such as here in Cumbria.”

The book is set for release in June 2021. The documentary is available to watch now at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lVyBXRagaH0.