READERS are split in opinion following an investigation into a theft from a B&M in Barrow.

Police are investigating two instances of theft from the B&M shop in Corner House Park.

A woman was reported to have entered the store on two separate occasions and taken Yankee-branded candles without paying.

One of the incidents occurred at around 6.45pm on Monday April 26.

Mail readers have given mixed responses to the reported theft of the department store.

Chris Smith said: "So basically in Barrow, we have a part of society that says it’s okay to steal, as long as the person you’re stealing from can afford it?

"If that’s the message being passed on at home, no wonder the place is full of people running riot.

"I don’t think you can start picking and choosing which crimes we see as worthy of investigation and those we don’t.

"I’m sure the manager of B&M places more importance of the £1000’s worth of stock stolen over the course of a year than he does over the dropping of eggs.

"In reality different issues are more important to some people than they are to others, but at the end of the day should be treated by the authorities with equal vigour."

Kelsia Birch said: "I think stopping little thugs dropping eggs on OAPs and mothers with babies and toddlers in town is more important than a couple of candles stolen from a department store."

Brian Sinclair said: "Stealing is stealing.

"It should be dealt with.

"Every crime is different and should be sorted accordingly.

"It's not okay to steal or to commit any crime.

"It doesn't matter what crime it is.

"Give someone an inch and they take a mile.

"You cannot choose what is a crime and what isn't.

"Break the law and you should have to pay the price.

Dave Jones said: "This kind of behaviour really gets on my wick."