READERS have given their thoughts on lockdown ahead of the next stage of easing on May 17.

Step three of the 'roadmap' out of lockdown is set to take place this month.

The next step toward ending lockdown on June 21 will see indoor venues being able to open their doors.

Step 3 of the Prime Ministers 'roadmap' is expected to no earlier than May 17.

This will see most social distancing rules relaxed when outdoors as well as pubs and restaurants being allowed to serve people indoors.

Step 4 of the easing of lockdown is expected no earlier than June 21.

This will see all restrictions completely lifted.

This is what our readers had to say about this:

Gail Yates said: "Most probably full lockdown again round about September ready for flu season.

"Last year I was petrified. I watched the news coming from China people dropping down dead in the streets. Scary times.

"I laughed at the conspiracy theorists who said it would go right through 2020 and 2021 .I laughed when the same conspiracy theorists mentioned Covid-19 pass ports .

"Slowly I started to wake up and question thing's and there is something very sinister at play here."

Susan Thomson said: "We seem to have eradicated flu this year."

Anthony Perkins said: "We don't know what's gonna happen, Boris said he wants this to be the last lockdown, and I would go with him on this."

Daniel Caine said: "Looking forwards to the government getting arrested."