PIEL Island is still looking for a new King or Queen.

The Piel community is currently searching for a new landlord for the island’s only pub, the Ship Inn, who would also inherit the coveted title.

Due to the pandemic, the pub has been closed for more than a year but the council is currently looking for a suitable new owner.

While landlord experience is necessary for anyone thinking of taking on the pub, there is also a lot more to consider. Piel devotee and leader of guided walks to the island John Murphy has some words of advice for anyone thinking about applying for the unique position.

John said: “Becoming the landlord and the King of Piel is a unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience”.

“Anyone who is considering applying must remember that there’s so much more to the island than just running the pub.

“The ideal applicant must be convivial and ready to deal with the extreme business of the pub in the summer, but also be comfortable with the slow pace of the island during off-peak season.

“At quiet times, the only friends you will have on the island are a few hundred seals.”

The Ship Inn dates from the late 18th Century and bestowing the ‘King of Piel’ title to the current landlord is a tradition which has been handed down over centuries.

John said: “In the next few years, the profile of Piel Island is set to get even bigger with the focus on green tourism and an increase in staycations.

“Potential applicants from further afield have much more to enjoy than just Piel Island, too. The beautiful beaches of the Furness Peninsula, our nature reserves and Furness Abbey – the area has much to offer.

“And who wouldn’t want to live next door to a 12th Century castle?”

Barrow Borough Council have recently gained extra funding to upgrade the island, including the pub.

Barrow Council leader Ann Thomson said: “Our ongoing goal is to ensure that Piel Island is open and safely accessible to both local visitors and tourists.”