THE possibility of schoolchildren being offered a vaccine against coronavirus divided opinion amongst readers.

The debate followed the news that the NHS was reportedly planning to begin vaccinating secondary school pupils against Covid-19 from September.

The Sunday Times said that health service officials were compiling planning documents that included a move to offer a single dose of the Pfizer jab to children aged 12 and over.

Mail readers were asked if they agreed with the plans.

Caroline Shaw said: “Yes. Fantastic news!

“Looking forward to the day we are all vaccinated.

“I will be allowing all of my children to have this vaccine.”

Julie West said: “Absolutely not.”

Darren Barry-Sheene Atkinson said: “Would these same people saying no also not have their kids immunised against preventable childhood diseases?

“Only asking so please don’t jump down my throat.”

Ann Holmes said: “No way is my child having it.”

Ash Howson said: “Nope. My children are perfectly healthy and Covid poses no risk to their health.

“Healthy with a balanced diet and not overweight. The risks far outweigh the benefits at present so it’s a no from me.”

Sophie Paterson said: “Yes I would give my child permission - it’s up to her if she would have it or not.

“It may be an experimental vaccine - but aren’t they all?

“It’s not like Steve from down the street has concocted it for crying out loud - people need to get a grip and stop scaremongering.

“Hospitalised cases and death rate going down... but be scared of the vaccine.”

Dave Wild said: “They cut a lot of red tape to get it out fast and everyone claps not knowing that red tape is there for a reason!

“Testing. If you’re an adult then you take that risk on your own shoulders understanding it.

“These are kids, they don’t know what what’s going on.”