AN interactive map shows how many car crimes have been reported across Cumbria.

A tool created b Co-op Insurance, which can be found here, has revealed the number of vehicle crimes in any area - and where crimes are happening most.

Vehicle crimes is a broad term, but it can be anything from vehicle theft, theft from a vehicle and vandalism.

The interactive map uses data published by the Home Office covering July 2020 to December 2020.

Users can search crime rates in their area by entering a postcode or location into the search bar.

The results are displayed in three coloured circles: red indicates an area that has had six or more incidents, orange shows streets that have seen three to five car crimes and yellow means there have been between zero and two incidents.

A note on the website states: "The data within this tool is published by the Home Office on (provided by the 43 geographic police forces in England and Wales, the British Transport Police, the Police Service of Northern Ireland and the Ministry of Justice) and Co-op Insurance are therefore not responsible for its accuracy."

We've taken a look at where crimes were reported in Barrow:

Millstone Avenue - 1

Hartland Road - 1

Off Mill Banks - 1

Laurence Avenue - 1

Rising Side - 1

W Gate Road - 1

W View Road - 1

Rodney Street - 1

Abbey Road - 1

Hall Street - 1

Off Cavendish Street - 1

Near Buccleuch Street - 1

Lawson Street - 1

Sutherland Street - 2

School Street - 1

Fisher Street - 1

Brown Street - 1

Ramsden Street - 1

Cambridge Street - 1

Westway - 1

Buxton Street - 1

Kitcherner Street - 1

Ramsgate Crescent - 1

A police spokesman said: “There are a number of simple tips people can follow to protect themselves from vehicle crime.

“The first and most obvious of these is: Don’t forget to lock your car.

“Some cars get stolen as a result of forgetful owners not locking their car.

“Even if you’re only leaving the car for a short while, if you don’t lock it your vehicle or any valuables are at risk of theft.

“Leave valuables at home if possible. If you do have them with you, never leave expensive items out on display within your car - it’s too tempting for a thief.

“Make sure you hide them out of sight in the glove compartment or boot.

“Most modern cars come pre-equipped with an alarm.

“If you drive an older vehicle, getting an alarm professionally fitted will help secure your car and could result in cheaper car insurance.

“The threat of a piercing sound and flashing lights is a powerful deterrent.

“Steering locks are also a good deterrent. These tough metal locking devices prevent the steering wheel, gearstick or handbrake from being used when the car is not in use and also act as a visual deterrent.

“If your home has a driveway or a garage, use it. Cars parked off-street are far less likely to be stolen than those parked on the road.

“When away from home, try and leave your car in a secure car park.”