READERS have weighed in on the news that ITV announced it will be pulling Friday's episode of Viewpoint in the wake of sexual misconduct accusations against Noel Clarke

Twenty women who knew Clarke in a professional capacity have come forward with allegations in The Guardian.

Clarke has “vehemently” denied claims of sexual misconduct.

Earlier this month the British Academy honoured Clarke with the outstanding British contribution to cinema award – after it had been informed of accusations of misconduct.

This is what our readers had to say:

Craig Ley said: "This is a joke. Just show it. He’s not been proven to have done anything. Guilty until proven innocent just like America."

John Derwent Donaldson said: "Harassment of most kinds is a criminal offence, but we need to stop taking every allegation at face value and acting as though it were true without proper investigation. If an allegation is serious and true it should be reported to the police otherwise it remains playground tittle tattle."

Thurston Sargent said: "When did the rules change saying your now guilty until proven innocent. I really thought it was the other way?You're innocent until proven guilty."

Anne Morris Coward said: "Pathetic! The programme has other actors in. Nothing to do with his life. Also nowadays it's guilty till proven innocent it seems."

Simon Waterworth said: "Seriously ? What about all the other actors, actresses and film crew that worked on this mini series?"