WALNEY has been named as having one of the top nudist beaches in the UK.

In new analysis conducted by Bathmate, the UK’s top naturist hotspots have been revealed - with a beach in Walney making the top 20 list.

To determine the ranking, the accessibility of the beach, available amenities, average summer sun exposure, average temperature, average wind speed and internet reviews were all analysed by experts.

Reigning top of the list for baring your bums was Brighton Beach in East Sussex, followed by Lower Largo Beach in Fife.

But a beach in Walney, north of Earnse Point, was named as the 19th best nudist beach in the UK.

Ron O’Hare leads naturist events in the county and has been practising the controversial lifestyle choice for more 20 years.

The 69-year-old, who is a member of British Naturism, said the recognition was a ‘massive boost’ for Cumbrian tourism.

He said: “I really hope that locals can welcome more naturist visitors to this fabulous county.

“Naked bathing is growing in popularity in the UK as more people are discovering the benefits of feeling the sun and fresh air directly onto their skin, experiencing a whole new feeling of freedom from clothes – finding the benefits that naturism offers such as boosting personal self-esteem, body confidence.

“It has been proven, albeit anecdotally, that naturism improves mental health and a naturist lifestyle is an invigorating way of life.

“There is absolutely no sexual connection so other naturists are not looking at our bodies in fact we completely forget that we are naked when in naturist company."