AN EXPECTANT couple heading toward the hospital found themselves having to deliver their child in the car.

Soon-to-be mother and hotel reception manager, Chiara Musetti, 28, was one day overdue for the arrival of her daughter Siena, when she felt contractions in the middle of the night on February 24.

Her partner James Spence drove her to Hospital in Barrow but found themselves constantly held up by flooding in the area caused by the constant heavy rain.

Further delays were caused by red traffic lights.

With only five minutes remaining in their journey Chiara gave birth to their daughter in the car.

She described the experience as 'something out of a film, that it didn't seem real'.

"It was the day after my due date and all of a sudden I went into labour.

"We ran out the house and went down Newby Bridge road to get to Barrow. But it was a bad road.

"It was raining so badly so there was a lot of floods along the road.

"James kept having to get out of the car to see how deep the water was. We had to do this a few times.

"As we got into Ulverston, that was when my water broke.

"The baby was coming but we were still about ten minutes away from the Hospital.

"The traffic lights were all red and things kept slowing us down.

"As we got into Lindal-in-Furness we knew it was close.

"I was in the passenger seat. I sat up and she just came straight out. It all happened so quickly.

"It was all so crazy.

"I was completely stressing out. I thought 'oh no' this couldn't be happening.

"As we set off it did cross my mind that it may happen like that but didn't think it that seriously.

"It was so quick. It was funny how we kept getting held up by everything.

"It must have been about 2:30am when it happened.

"We went past the M&S and Aldi in Ulverston, and just after that the head came out. It was like something from a film, barely feels real thinking back to it now.

"She actually was born on the big round about right before the Hospital. We must have been only five minutes away.

"My partner was saying 'Oh my god' and I was crying when it happened.

"When we got there James rushed to the door and called for help. He didn't have his shoes or socks on. He got out and banged on the doors asking for help. About five midwives came out and got me inside.

"Since then, she's been really health, and the most chilled out baby ever.

"She'll be hearing about this when she's older. She's the loveliest baby in the world.

"Her brother Luca was actually born early as well, at a wedding in Manchester."

The couple’s daughter Siena is two months old and Chiara described her and James as the luckiest parents in the world.