READERS have given their opinion after Barrow Borough Council was labelled the worst in the country for recycling rubbish.

The council was sending just 18.8 per cent of rubbish collected to be recycled, reused, or composted, way below the national average of 43 per cent according to figures from the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

But the council defended itself and said it was determined to make improvements – with a green campaign launched recently leading the efforts to ensure more rubbish is recycled.

Rus Edgar said: "Bring back Biffa and the big bins and the recycle bags. This would give the town a clean, less seagulls to rip bags open due to no room in the small bins. That's the best solution I'd think as it worked before so why not now - is it purely about the profit of the corporations or is it for the benefit of the town?"

Steven Fletcher said: "It's partly to do with money. many councils in England get recycling incinerated. However those councils tied themselves into extremely high cost contracts that make no financial sense. Some councils have had to increase their own debt to escape the contracts. It could be our council don't have options that are good financially.

The issue of recycling is really a manufacturing one. The companies producing the products should be made to take the packaging back. Plus some items just aren't cost effective to recycle."

Lesley Sedgwick Fursey said: "Companies should be forced to supply recyclable packaging only, or lose it altogether. Vegetables never used to be wrapped like they are, or fruit. Needless."