NATURISTS plan on stripping off their shorts, t-shirts and dresses to bare their birthday suit in the first ever nudist walk across Morecambe Bay this summer.

Over 100 nudists are expected to attend an organised walk between Arnside and Kents Bank on June 20 in an event hoped to encourage more people to embrace their naked bodies.

The event follows an excursion to Roanhead Beach last August in which around a dozen naturists topped up their tans in the sunshine.

Legally, any person is allowed to sunbathe naked on any beach, however, good beach etiquette would mean sticking to designated nudist beaches.

Event organiser Ron O’Hare leads naturist events in the county - and has been practising the controversial lifestyle choice for over 20 years.

Up to 500 people will be allowed on the naturist walk, however, Mr O'Hare is expecting around 100 brave souls to don their birthday suits.

The 69-year-old, of British Naturism, said the group is 'really excited' take on a new route, with hopes to see newcomers join the naturist excursion.

He said: "We've not done this route before so we're really excited to take it on.

"It's going to be a fantastic venture which has never been done in the nude before.

"It's an iconic walk to take on which people have walked for many years.

"We're really excited for it and hope to see as many people as possible come along.

"During lockdown our members increased by 12.5 per cent. We've been doing a lot of our activities on zoom during lockdown - naked yoga, naked baking, naked quiz nights. It's been a lot of fun."

Mr O'Hare, who is a semi-retired window cleaner, described the feeling of removing your clothes as 'liberating'.

He said: "It is a very liberating feeling and it's so good for body confidence and self-esteem. No one thinks other people are out of shape or makes judgments about each other's bodies.It's a safe space of acceptance."

The Morecambe Bay walk is due to take place on June 20 from 1.15pm.

Attendees are required to start and end the walk fully clothed, but can strip down to their birthday suit further on the walk when directed.

Any profits made from the walk will be donated to the British Heart Foundation.

If you would like to take part, visit: