AN MP has hit out after it was reported an anti-lockdown and anti-vaccine newspaper was available in a Furness town.

Free newspaper The Light was reportedly available from a shop in Ulverston.

The publication describes itself as a ‘truthpaper’ that is independently distributed across the country by volunteers.

It is edited by a man from Manchester who reportedly runs a business selling anti-vaccine T-shirts and 9/11 conspiracy merchandise.

Darren Smith has been quoted calling the pandemic a ‘charade’ and said ‘censorship’ of these claims on online platforms had led him to start producing the newspaper.

Criticising the publication, Furness MP Simon Fell said: “Last time I looked there was no shortage of toilet roll any more and people had stopped stockpiling.

“Consequently I can’t imagine the demand for this will be high.”

And addressing scepticism over the pandemic and the vaccine roll-out, he said: “The simple fact is that the vaccine rollout has led to a rapid and sustained drop in both the number of cases and deaths in the UK.

“The vaccine is saving lives on a daily basis and I would urge anyone who gets the call to book in for their jab as soon as possible.

“Not doing so is a risk not just to them, but to the community as a whole.”

The newspaper appeared to question the deadliness of the pandemic in comparison to other global health emergencies such as Black Death and Spanish Flu.

It also carried claims that vaccination would increase the infectiousness of the virus.