HISTORY looks set to be made when Barrow voters go to the polls in two crunch by-elections on May 6.

The ballots in Hindpool and Roosecote could signal the end of a political era because ongoing plans to reform local authorities could potentially result in the re-drawing of electoral wards.

It will also be the first time local voters will plump for their favoured candidates during a global pandemic.

Former Barrow council housing officer Joanne Tyson is standing in the traditional Labour stronghold of Hindpool. Mrs Tyson said: “We need councillors who will actively work within our community and not just vote on town hall committees.

“As a former housing department officer I worked directly with tenants’, residents’ and community groups on a range of issues so I have first-hand experience of the various issues facing our Hindpool community.

“Making the streets cleaner and working for improved community safety including cracking down on reckless motorists will be a priority and if elected I will be a strong voice for the people of Hindpool.”

Conservative candidate for Hindpool Niyall Phillips thinks the by-election is a chance for Hindpool residents to vote for change.

He said: "As a candidate in the younger age group it is exciting to be part of the upcoming by-election. Hindpool is a strong Labour area and this election is a big opportunity for people to vote for change.

"The issues of street cleanliness and social housing are vital to the area and I’ve got fresh ideas to give the people of Hindpool what they want and what they deserve. I want to give the people of Hindpool a voice. Trust in me to vote for change.”

The Roosecote candidates are Paul Griffiths for Labour and Jay Zaccarini for the Conservatives.