READERS have reacted to fears that Broughton recycling bank could become a fly-tipping hotspot following a second incident inside a month.

Sofa cushions were dumped inside cardboard recycling bins on Foxfield Road, Broughton-in-Furness, prompting fears the recycling site is becoming a hot-spot for nuisance fly-tipping.

The rubbish was dumped just a few weeks after broken windowpanes and plastic waste were tipped at the site.

On both occasions South Lakeland District Council operatives had to attend the site to cleanse and decontaminate the bins.

Rus Henry said: “Funny how since the tip became an absolute nightmare to get into (used to work efficiently a couple of years ago) fly tipping has increased... I wonder if there’s connection?”

Rose Mary said: “Make it free for the council to take things taken away without a massive increase in council tax.”

Dawn Mckellar said: “They’ve just increased the charges so I knew fly tipping would get worse.”

Angela McIlvogue said: “Clearly the new system at the tip isn’t working!”

Darren John McSweeney said: “I was in the queue for the HWRC [tip] yesterday for an hour. The most inefficient, H&S crippled, undersized facility ever.

“It’s causing chaos on the main road with HGVs passing within inches of waiting cars.

“I’m led to believe they are also paying for a traffic management person to be in attendance?

“Surely someone in authority can see this isn’t working?”