THE non-role of Police & Crime Commissioners was imported from our American cousins’ police forces – and we all know what a raging success law enforcement is in the USA, where some cities are nearly war zones.

Our police commissioners seem to be a motley crew with minimal criminological backgrounds supervising highly-experienced chief constables and police authorities.

They make all the right populist noises about anti-social behaviour and bobbies on the beat but appear to make no appreciable difference to justify their vast cost.

Cumbria’s last two PCCs were elected on very small turnouts.

In 2012 it was 16 per cent and in 2016 25 per cent.

Peter McCall in 2016 got 32,000 votes out of an electorate of 390,000. That means that eight per cent of Cumbrians thought PCCs make an important contribution to crime detection and prevention.

These roles are a political distraction and should in my view be abolished with a return to proper democratic control of policing in Cumbria.

I shall spoil my ballot.

Alan Marsden