A community leader has warned that should be taken to combat speeding in Roose 'before a tragic incident happens'.

Paul Griffiths, who founded the Roosecote Community Hub Facebook group, has urged residents to share their ideas on how they want to tackle speeding on Rampside Road.

He explained that it had been an issue in the area for some time and residents were keen for action, but progress had been slow following consultation with local police officers last month.

“Our county councillor has been going to meetings every month and puts our point across,” Mr Griffiths said. “But he seems to just get batted away and they say they have other things on the table.

“I am aware of the incident on Salthouse Road where there was a fatality and nothing was done until then and following that they got a speed camera.

“I want to get something done here before something like that happens.

“I would feel sick if something were to happen and we were only talking about doing something.

“We know there is a problem there, just ask any resident around Rampside Road.

“It is like a racetrack sometimes.”

Mr Griffiths is urging residents in Roose to give their opinion on the matter and what they would like to see done so that he can approach highways with what the community hopes for.

People can do this by commenting on his post in the Roosecote Community Hub Facebook page or by contacting him directly with their ideas to help give a full community response.