A MAN has told a jury about the shocking moment his friend choked to death on an 'egg-sized' piece of kebab.

A brother and sister are standing trial for manslaughter after it is alleged they ‘force fed’ David Clark, 56, with pieces of meat during a food fight.

Mr Clark, known to his friends as “Titch” collapsed on a train bound for Barrow following the Lancaster FC v Farsley Celtic match on March 2 2019.

He and his pal Jon Waite had been drinking in pubs around Lancaster before boarding the train together at 21.04pm.

In the carriage the pair met up with David Noble, 32, known as “Nobby”, his sister Nicole Cavin, 22, and her partner Daniel Shepard.

Mr Waite said Mr Clark and Mr Noble were “good friends” so they joined the trio around a table.

The mood was jovial and as the train headed towards Silverdale, a food fight broke out, the court heard.

Mr Waite said: “There was a kebab on the table. I think Nobby and Titch started chucking it at each other, acting daft like a food fight.

“It is all very vague.

“Nicole pushed a kebab in Titch’s face, like a laugh, a joke.

“I’ve seen Titch and I looked at him and he had some food hanging out of his mouth, kebab meat or something.

“He had his eyes open and he wasn’t motioning to his neck or anything, saying ‘I’m choking’ - he was just sat there looking drunk.

“I don’t know why but I got up and moved down (the carriage) a bit, and then Titch just dropped into the aisle and unfortunately died.”

The jury at Preston’s Nightingale Court at the PNE Tom Finney suite, heard a harrowing 999 call made by one of the passengers as she tried to get help for Mr Clark.

Ashleigh Howard relayed instructions from the call handler to Cavin, who tried in vain to save Mr Clark as they waited for paramedics to arrive.

Mr Waite told the court Nicole Cavin “couldn’t have done more” to try and save Mr Clark.

He said: “She tried to bring him round.

"She was pumping on his chest for quite a long time.”

They were also shown a piece of chicken measuring 6cm by 4cm - approximately the size of an egg, which was removed from Mr Clark’s throat by paramedics.

Nicole Cavin, of Market Street, Grange, and David Noble of Main Street, Grange, deny manslaughter.

The trial continues.