INCREASING the number of play parks with equipment suitable for disabled children is a 'priority' for council chiefs.

Mum Lauren Shaw, whose eight-year-old son Bobby has cerebral palsy, said more parks in Barrow need to have better facilities.

Council run playgrounds on Farm Street, Dock Museum and Stanley Road all have disabled access facilities - but she said there should be more options.

The 32-year-old said she did not want to have to travel to Ulverston or somewhere further afield to have access to the facilities.

“In many parks in Barrow there is not one swing that is suitable for disabled children, but in many places in South Lakeland there is," she said.

“Things are getting better but raising this issue is important.”

She said public disabled access changing areas and toilet facilities in the district was also an issue with the nearest changing area to the town centre being either the Dock Museum or Furness General Hospital.

A spokeswoman for Barrow Borough Council said: “Our recently installed playgrounds within the borough have been designed around providing inclusive equipment for children with disabilities, these include Farm Street, Dock museum and Stanley Road.

"Other play areas do have a small amount of equipment such as in Dalton Leisure Centre and Vickerstown Park.

“Play providers are now more aware of the need for this type of equipment to be made available which forms part of the main criteria for play provision when we are looking to replace or renew a site.

"We are very keen to make this a priority in the future for families and their children.

“In regard to changing facilities, as most play areas are remote to other facilities there are only a limited among of play areas which could utilise changing facilities.

"There would be access to the disabled toilets at Barrow Park, Dock Museum and Dalton Leisure centre.”