A community fed up of dog fouling has successfully campaigned for more action to be taken.

Two bins have been installed on North Row in Roosecote and it is hoped they will encourage dog walkers to bin their pets' waste after concerns were raised in the area.

The campaign for the new bins was headed by Roosecote Community Hub.

Paul Griffiths, the hub's founder, said Roose residents had been fed up of dog fouling and looked at different solutions to solve the issue.

After consulting with Councillor Martin McLeavy and Barrow Council, it was agreed that more bins were the best way of alleviating the the problem.

Paul said: “As a group we have put a lot of focus to highlight the problem of dog fouling.

“One thing that comes back from residents is a lack of bins, which is a key problem.

“After picking up on everything that the residents had complained about, I felt the two greens between North and South Row were a key area to start with.

“I thought if we put two bins down there it might encourage people to drop their dog bags and others to put their waste in there.”

Residents in Roose used the council website to report any incidents of dog fouling.

Paul said this helped underline the problem to the Streetcare team at the council.

He is now pleased to see the bins at North Row.

Paul said: “We’ve had great feedback from the residents and hope it encourages dog walkers to utilise them.

“If successful, we hope to get some more around Roosecote.

“I would like to thank the residents for reporting the issues, The Mail for highlighting our problem in the media, Martin for being my link to Barrow Council and Streetcare for acting so quickly.

“It’s been a great example of a community and council working well together in the interests of the residents and demonstrates how well the council reporting system works if utilised.”

Cllr McLeavy said: “I would like to say thanks to Paul and the council for installing the bins."