RESIDENTS and visitors of Dalton are being encouraged to take part in a survey with aims to improve the town.

As part of the Government's Borderlands Investment Scheme, Dalton, along with Ulverston, could gain £3 million each.

Cumbria County Council recently signed a deal with the Government that will see £350 million invested into the county as well as areas over the border in Scotland. £18 million has been available for towns in Cumbria, with bids due to be submitted for a share of the money.

In an effort to gain the funding, a board of community stakeholders has been set up in Dalton. A survey has since been put together to find out how those who live in, work, or visit the town currently see it, and how they would change it.

The survey creators said: "We want to use the new place vision to build local pride and confidence in our great town, and to help us further develop Dalton as we reignite our economy post coronavirus. We want to hear what makes you proud about Dalton, how you feel about the area and how you might like it to develop in the future."

Dalton North councillor Ben Shirley spoke of the importance of taking part in the survey, he said: "I'd encourage everyone who lives or works in Dalton, or visits the town to take our survey. This will help the Town Team Board to make the best possible case for Dalton, as we look to secure not only £3 million of Conservative Government funding from the Borderlands deal, but to be able to bid for future funds from the Government to make Dalton an even better place."