A GROUP have been out making a difference to the Furness environment.

The Rotary Club of Furness, with help from the Woodland Trust and Barrow Borough Council, went out to Dalton on Wednesday.

In total, 100 tree saplings were planted in the field off Coronation Drive and Greystone Lane.

Graham Postlethwaite, secretary of the Rotary Club of Furness, is hoping the trees can be make a positive change to the area.

He said: “It will feel even better in a few years’ time when they have actually grown into something you can actually see.

“At the moment, all we have got is a field of random twigs and plastic shields around them.

“Trees do enhance the environment, they provide space for the wildlife and kids can play in the woods and things like that when they mature.”

“We will keep our fingers crossed that they will be able to grow into something quite nice for the people who live in that area of Dalton.”

The club is now looking to plant some more saplings across the borough.

Later this year, Mr Postlethwaite, said the club will be looking to plant hundreds of seeds in the Lesh Lane area of Barrow.

Mr Postlethwaite said: “Rotary, as an international organisation, decided that they would focus on the environment.

“Our club thought about this and how we could help the environment in a positive way and we thought the best way was to plant some saplings.

“We had done a small tree planting scheme with the Woodland Trust a few years ago and we thought that worked very well.

“So, we decided to see if we could do something like this again and plant trees across the borough.”

Dalton South councillor Shaun Blezard, has complimented the club’s efforts.

He said: “It is a brilliant effort from the Rotary Club of Furness and the Woodland Trust. It will help us achieve of our aim of helping the environment and make the local area beautiful for years to come.

"It is great to see a partnership like this work for our community.”