READERS have reacted after it was revealed a taskforce comprising of councillors, police and highways , has been assembled to tackle anti-social bikers in Walney.

The issues began in February when the lighter hours saw groups of scrambler bike riders disturb the peace for residents of South Walney Caravan Park.

This has recently become an issue for beaches in and near Askam as well.

Concerns have also been raised by South Walney Nature Reserve warden Sarah Dalrymple, who fears the bikers could damage rare plants and disrupt nesting birds.

The issue has now been discussed by councillors, police and highways authority officers who have agreed on a staged plan of action.

Tom Hendrie said: "These people might be riding motorcycles but they are not “bikers”."

Angela McIlvogue said: "YES!! The slag bank is a mess with their tracks and noise flying about right next to you when your out walking!"

Tracy Garnett said: "Motorbikes in power Sea Wood the other night."

Josie Fallows said: "Nothing will change."

nosensenononsense said: "It's only taken 40 years, (a the minutes planning meetings will attest) that vehicles on beaches and dunes have been considered a problem, yet it is only now after complaints from the caravan site that something is being done?

"I wonder if those with caravans and quad bikes will also be keeping off the beaches.

"I was once told, by the police, 'There is no sign saying vehicular access is not allowed' to which I replied, 'there is no sign on my house saying no burglary, are you suggesting I need one, just in case?' It seems only ignorance of some laws is an excuse to some."