In response to your recent article regarding charges for motor vehicles entering the Lake District national park, I must express my concern over this issue.

We own a caravan in the area and spend many weeks there over the course of a year, and are regular visitors and walkers within the national park, putting thousands of pounds per year into the local economy, via shops,cafes,restaurants,pubs etc.

If it so happens that we would be charged for driving into the area, the extra expense incurred would make us seriously consider the economic viability of owning a caravan in the area and would consider relocating elsewhere.

I can only think that this scheme will seriously damage tourism in the area, and therefore have a massive effect on local businesses, which rely heavily on the tourists and people like ourselves who spend up to six months a year in the area.

I hope that whoever has concocted this idea has sat down and considered the economic effect this could have. One thing the Covid pandemic should have taught these people is: no tourists, no money.

We will follow this story closely over the coming months with interest.


By email