READERS of The Mail have had their say after Barrow MP Simon Fell revealed he disagrees with ‘Covid passports’.

Mr Fell explained that the UK’s current vaccination programme should ensure enough protection for the country.

One reader agreed with the Conservative MP’s comments.

They said: “If we carry on with the current trajectory of deaths dropping by around 40 per cent per week then deaths will be fewer than one per day by mid-May. The successful vaccine programme should be allowing freedoms to be restored, not to add further layers of red tape.”

Another reader, David Armstrong, claimed that testing is key if normality is to be restored.

He wrote: “Actual Covid passports won’t do any good as you can still get Covid and pass it on after you have been vaccinated. Regular testing and a test certificate could be worthwhile.”

However, Laird Lucan, refuted David’s argument.

Laird said: “Your beloved EU are giving very serious consideration to the scheme in order to open up tourism and entertainment industries.

"The government are contemplating kick-starting this earlier than the EU. Would it have been more to your liking if the EU start and the UK follow? It’s true the vaccine won’t stop you catching Covid, but it will reduce all symptoms both to yourself and possibly those infected via contact with you. I think it makes a bit more sense when you give it a bit of thought and not treat the Covid certificates as a political battleground.”

To which David responded: “Passing Covid on to other people, even if they’ve had their vaccine, could make the virus mutate – that’s why I think a vaccine passport is pretty much useless, and only being talked about to score political points and to make the government look like they are doing something. Negative test certificates would help, but are not perfect as you could pass a test then contract Covid off someone else literally right after the result was given.”