A MENTAL health charity based in Barrow will launch a ‘Self-Care Toolbox’ of resources today to support mental health and wellbeing across Cumbria.

The Toolbox is an innovative digital initiative launched by Self Harm for All (SAFA) which has been developed in collaboration with individuals, communities and organisations across Cumbria. It has the potential to put the county in a strong position to tackle the ‘mental health tsunami’ envisaged as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

It also has the potential to:

• Improve reach and access to information about mental health and wellbeing

• Change the way that mental health and wellbeing services are delivered

• Become a sustainable and valuable asset to SAFA, to other organisations in the third sector and to a community of users and collaborators across the county.

The Toolbox has been developed around three core principles:

• Personal: the Toolbox will share personal stories, helping to destigmatise discussion of mental health challenges

• Accessible: the Toolbox will be free and easy to access, without waiting lists

• Local: the Toolbox will be made by the people of Cumbria, for the people of Cumbria and will be full of recognisable accents, people, and places.

Launch event:

The Toolbox launch event will be held over Zoom at 6pm, will showcase the resources developed by the community, and will be attended by Toolbox collaborators and key individuals involved in the delivery of health services across the county.