The winner of a fundraising house raffle has been announced.

Tickets sold out for the £2.50-a-go raffle with just an hour to go.

The winner was announced shortly after, taking the prize of a mortgage-free Ulverston home and £5,000 cash.

The prize was up for grabs thank to the Wilkinson family, who decided to take on the huge fundraising task of raffling their home for Neuroblastoma UK after their three-year-old daughter, Oonagh, was diagnosed with the cancer at 19-months-old.

Mum Samantha said: “I feel like I have won a marathon or done 10 rounds with Mike Tyson.

“We did it with an hour to spare; it was a bit of a Hollywood ending.”

Mrs Wilkinson said that people bought anywhere from one to 500 tickets.

The winner was announced as Martin Hyre, who had bought 100 of the 120,000 tickets sold.

Mrs Wilkinson said: “We spoke to the winner this morning and we sent him some messages to ask him if it had sunk in yet, and he said: ‘No, I don’t think it has, it's such a surreal thing to be told that you have won a house’.

“So it hasn’t sunk in for him yet.

“We asked him about his plans but he isn’t sure what he is going to do yet but he is over the moon.”

She said that she felt relieved that they made 120,000 ticket sales, meaning that Neuroblastoma would receive a minimum donation of £40,000.

Any money left over after house fees are processed will also be donated.

She said: “We had a long video call with the charity, talking to them about it all.

“They are over the moon and so excited.

"The reason why we went on this journey was to raise the money for them.

"Charities, like so many people, have been hit hard by the pandemic and we feel relieved that we did it and that we get to give them this money which is what it was all about to begin with.”