The prospect of Covid passports have drawn mixed feelings after the idea was backed by an Ulverston landlady.

Andrea Wilson, who works at the Old Friends Inn in Ulverston was pleased to see pubs were not included and believes the scheme is more suited to bigger venues that can hold greater numbers of people.

Taking to social media to have their say on the idea, some readers of The Mail felt the passports would be a good idea while others were not convinced.

Antöny Statham said: “Outside, sensible rules could apply. Inside, vaccinated folks only. Just while they finish off the jabs. We don’t want to have a step back again.”

Isobel Wilson said: “If everyone is sitting down in a pub it wouldn’t make much difference but at a concert where people are standing closer together for a long period it would make sense to show a negative test or passport.

“But everyone should get vaccinated when it’s your turn and it wouldn’t be a problem.”

Richard Absalom said: “It doesn’t matter if the UK decides not to have them, it’s if you want to travel and other countries require them so I think we will end up having a vacation card anyway.”

Tony Fallows said: “I’m in favour of anything that keeps folk safe; passport or no passports.”

Ian Lewis said: “It’s a good idea, sounds to me like it’s just going to be more work for the pubs, that’s why they’re against it.”

Anthony Perkins said: “It would create an extremely ugly situation with irate customers being refused entry, problems being caused, and possible discrimination against those who can’t have the vaccine.”

David Armstrong: “The vaccine passport is a waste of time.”