A MENTAL health charity is looking to follow on from the success of a charitable art auction with their own version.

Following the art auction in aid of Dalton Leisure Centre, where they raised £6,780, plus £850 for the Barrow based charity SAFA, ArtWorks Project coordinator Sharon Tait and her volunteers aim to raise much needed money for SAFA – Self Harm Awareness For All – by running an art auction entitled ArtWorks starting on April 23.

Sharon recently received support from SAFA, and would like to give something back.

“SAFA help helped me gain greater understanding about my mental health issues and recent diagnosis," she said.

"I wanted to give something back and as my background is in the arts, it was obvious to me to contact friends and art groups to see if they would like to be involved.

"Artists have also struggled during lockdowns as they have few places to show their artwork. This auction wants to promote each artist and create a bigger community of supporters for SAFA and artists.

"The project brings the art community and the charity together, as art can help people express their emotions and be used therapeutically, the link to the arts community appeared to be logical”.

Ulverston based artist Tim Leeson also suffers with mental health problems and is a hugely successful artist. He is helping to liaise with local artists to see if they will also become involved.

Pat Carroll, a friend of Sharon’s is also keen to promote mental health and volunteered to help with the project which will officially launch via Facebook – to go to the auction page click here.

The final auction date is on June 5 at 8pm.

The first two weeks they will offer Buy It Now on items £30 and under, so art is more affordable for everyone. Famous award-winning artist Martin Greenland has donated an A4 oil painting, the price for this specially donated piece will start at £800-£900.

A huge range of artists who have donated so far including Martin Greenland, Martin Rowson, Elizabeth and Keith Shorrock, Jack Webster, Lucy Sullivan, Marianne Lusby, Ray Green, Peter Cave and lots more.

The auction will have have glasswork, woodwork, jewellery, textiles, graphic novels, original cartoon, printmakers, and so many more yet to send work.

SAFA director Lyndsay Aspin said: “SAFA is extremely grateful for Sharon and her team’s support, the charity totally relies on donations to survive and provide vital services to those in need.

"Donations can also me made via https://safa-selfharm.com/."