Major repairs are set to be carried out to the sea defence wall at Grange.

Plans from South Lakeland District Council to upgrade the defences with essential concrete repairs have been approved by the authority's planning committee after a meeting this week.

It was revealed last week that the council plans to spend £1,097,000 on improving the promenade as part of a multi-million-pound regeneration of the area including work on Grange Lido.

The application proposed repairs to the entire length of the promenade along with a number free-standing information panels.

Prior to the planning committee meeting, councillors were informed that nine letters supporting the proposals had been received, but eight were critical of the lighting proposals, which have now been removed from the scheme.

One letter expressed disappointment at the removal of the lighting proposals and said 'lighting would improve the experience of walking along the promenade in the darker winter months and would also be of benefit to the town’s takeaways, with more people taking later walks in the winter'.

Councillors heard that there would be an application of a spray-applied concrete overlay to the entire sea wall following removal of all loose unstable material, plus a number of hand-dug trial pits at the base of the sea wall to establish foundation conditions.

Andrew Martin, case officer for the council, said: "As part of the repairs process there would be two-metre wide working platforms at the base of the sea wall.

"This will be constructed of bog mats laid directly on top of the saltmarsh.

"Floating pontoons may be used in unstable locations around outfalls and standing water.

"The works will result in a permanent net loss of approximately 133 square metres of saltmarsh, based upon the requirement for an extra layer of concrete along the length of the sea wall."

However, the Environment Agency was opposed to the plans.

It said: “We object to this development because it would encroach on an intertidal foreshore that is designated as a European designated site and has significant nature conservation value, without providing adequate mitigation.

"We recommend that the planning application is therefore refused on this basis."

Councillor Vicky Hughes, who represents Ambleside and Grasmere, proposed the council accept that the work go ahead.

She said: "It’s necessary to be done and good artwork is being included in the facelift which will enhance the whole visitor experience to Grange."

Councillors voted unanimously in favour with 12 votes for and none against.