CUMBRIANS who are isolated during lockdown are being urged to write a book to keep themselves occupied by a man from Grange-over-Sands who has done it himself.

Someone who many people might thank for his suggestion on how best to cope with having to self isolate, is Geoff Lee. He is a former electrical draughtsman from St Helens who now lives in Grange.

In 1988 and approaching his fiftieth birthday he decided to write a novel based on his own life and times which he called 'Tales of a Northern Draughtsman', but later changed to 'One Winter'. He was inspired to write this by the old saying about work that "if they could write a book about this place. It would be a best seller”.

How many people in Barrow have also once said that, but have never done anything about it because they thought that they did not know how to or because they did not have the time. Things are different now. So many people are having to stay indoors and are looking around for something new to do to pass the time. Geoff's suggestion is to try writing a novel based on your life and times and he is quite happy to offer his help to get you started.

"There is a book in nearly everyone," the 81-year-old said. "Most people just need a bit or a lot of help to tell it."

He has created an eight-step guide on how to write your own novel called 'Geoff's North Western Platform'.

Contact him at and request Geoff's North Western Platform and he will happily send them to you.