THE shadow defence secretary has made a personal commitment to fight for Barrow and protect jobs in the shipyard and spread prosperity throughout the town.

John Healey MP made a personal visit to meet local Labour members, shipyard workers, union representatives and community activists on Tuesday at a virtual meeting for the Barrow and Furness Constituency Labour Party.

After a brief introductory speech, the shadow minister took questions on a range of issues such as how Labour will protect jobs in the shipyard, how Barrow can diversify its industry, and how the town can reduce inequality and poverty.

He reiterated to town leaders Labour’s unshakeable commitment to the nuclear deterrent, pursuit of multilateral disarmament and boosting investment in British industry.

Mr Healey said: “I was delighted to have met so many great local Labour members in Barrow this week. They share my determination to rebuild people’s trust in Labour.

“I made it completely clear last month in a speech to the Royal United Services Institute that Labour’s commitment to the deterrent is non-negotiable as part of our UK and wider NATO security. This has been, and will remain, Labour policy.

“Labour is multilateralist and internationalist, so we are also unshakeable in our belief that the UK, as a permanent member of the UN Security Council, should help lead efforts to secure the next generation of strategic arms control and disarmament agreements.

“Moreover, Labour’s determination to see British investment directed first to British industry is also one of our fundamental principles as a party.”

Mr Healey drew a clear contrast between Labour and Conservative thinking on the UK’s defence industry.

Chris Altree, chair of Barrow and Furness Constituency Labour Party, said: “We are delighted that John met with our community and once again demonstrated the Labour Party’s commitment to the future of our nuclear deterrent and to our industry in Barrow and Furness.”