A DUMPED caravan was discovered by South Lakes police in the latest fly-tipping incident to take place in the region.

Officers found a discarded caravan in Witherslack, near Grange after the owner left the vehicle there to be collected by a third party, police have confirmed.

The interior of the caravan was removed, however, South Lakes Police said the owner left the vehicle registration and should be 'expecting a visit' from officers soon.

A spokesman for Cumbria Police said: "Fly tipping is an offence and an eyesore.

"The owner of this caravan can expect a visit from officers after handily leaving the vehicle registration on the abandoned caravan.

"After all the effort to remove the interior too!"

Police are still dealing with the incident and no fine has been issued at this time.

It follows as South Lakeland District Council recorded 161 fly-tipping incidents in 2019-20, 44 more than the previous year.

Dumped waste was found on South Lakeland’s roads and pavements 67 times accounting for 42 per cent of incidents and 26 in back alleyways (16 per cent).

Residents are now being urged by the council to follow the correct waste removal protocol – and warned that some fly-tipping offences could result in a five-year prison sentence.

Across South Lakeland, small van loads of waste were dumped illegally on 46 occasions.

South Lakeland District Council took action over 20 fly-tipping offences in 2019-20, with the authority undertaking 19 investigations.