A collision on the A590 has prompted calls for a bridge to be built across Morecambe Bay.

Yesterday, a man was taken to hospital after an incident on the A road.

Police were called at about 6.35am to a report of a one-car collision on the A590, between Newland and Arrad Foot.

A Volkswagen Polo was involved in the incident. The driver, a local man in his 20s, was taken to Furness General Hospital with minor injuries, police said.

The road was blocked to traffic for about two hours but has since reopened.

One reader, Phil Brooks, now believes it is time for the bridge following the incident.

He said: “Another incident on the stretch of the A590, time to get that bridge built across Morecambe Bay. It would reduce traffic flow which will result in less accidents/fatalities. It’s a no-brainer."

Another reader added: “A590 is not fit for purpose when it is a main arterial link to an important industrial area in the North West. If there were to be a Morecambe Bay alternative I suggest it wouldn’t just be a road, potential for tidal power that is absolutely dependable.”

However, the suggestions were met with stiff opposition from one reader, who believes a bridge would not reduce collisions.

They said: “Most accidents are caused by people who have very little skill or ability when it comes driving.

“Some of the worst roads in England for car accidents are in places like Lincolnshire where they have long, flat, straight roads and stupid overtaking combined with speed often ends in disaster.”

However, Phil is adamant that most residents believe a bridge would curb incidents and added: “Most people agree and want a bridge built, it’s called moving with the times.”

To which the reader responded: “You may not have noticed that moving with the times doesn’t involve building hugely expensive infrastructure projects for fossil fuel burning vehicles while also causing massive environmental damage to a unique part of the British coast.”