A RUNNING team leader is ecstatic to see the return of Parkrun in England from next month.

Parkrun has shared its plans to restart both junior and 5k parkrun events in the country, starting with junior parkrun events from April 11, and 5k events from June 5.

Junior Parkruns will initially reopen to four-10 year olds only, with 11-14 year olds invited back to the junior events when 5k parkrun events begin in June to avoid an increase in numbers.

Team leader Adrian Newnham of Hoad Hill Harriers, an Ulverston based running club, has welcomed the news, he said: "I know in our club there are many anxious people waiting to get back.

"Half of our club participate in parkrun fairly regularly and it is certainly a big thing at the club. It will be brilliant.

"I am certainly desperate, I have struggled to maintain my own running fitness because I prefer to be in a group and in between lockdowns our club went back to training under covid-secure conditions but it just wasn't the same.

"I know people like myself cant wait to get back to a routine of running on a Saturday with others and trying your best to achieve a decent time or other times helping slow runners to get their own personal best. I can't wait."

But it's not just about achieving personal bests and keeping fit, it is also about making lasting friendships.

Mr Newnham said: "Parkrun is a family, we are all a big family.

"There is no club rivalry, we're all in it together and we are all good friends and meet up afterwards and have coffee and cake.

"It's not only a running thing, it's a huge social thing as well. I've missed it, I have not seen any of the Walney Wind Cheetah lot, and it's that social contact from other runners that we all miss."

A spokesperson for Parkrun said: “Bringing back parkrun events is a huge step for so many of us toward the return of normal life. Of course nothing is guaranteed and there is still, understandably, some uncertainty and trepidation within the community. But working towards these dates gives us all hope."