• A reader's views on Covid passports:

This week the British public has been told that the Government is now reviewing Covid passports, but that there are ethical and philosophical issues to be considered.

Let me make a few helpful suggestions.

1. Members of the Armed Forces, of which I was proud to be a member, have carried ID cards at all times for decades without any lessening of their civil rights.

2. Every holiday maker, international businessman and lorry/coach driver operating abroad is required to carry a passport. I cannot recall any great problem being identified with this procedure.

3. Many countries have for years required documentary proof of vaccination against such diseases as Yellow Fever, Hepatitis A,B and C and Typhoid. These are available from GP surgeries and again no great infringement of rights has been noted.

4. Information on the current vaccines and their benefits has been made available to all sections of the public without exception.

Accepting that there are those who for existing medical conditions could not avail themselves of the vaccines, surely Exemption Certificates could be issued to these people.

For those who, for their own reasons, choose not to be vaccinated they should have the courage of their convictions and accept any subsequent restrictions on access to entertainment, sport, retail or work venues considered necessary by the operators.

Surely we cannot have a situation where the majority are being denied a speedy return to normality by the strident voices of a small minority. This is a molehill it does not need politicians to turn it into a mountain.


Whittington, Lancashire