HERE are all the projects seeking planning approval from South Lakeland District Council...

Ash – fell, Little Seawood Carter Road Kents Bank GRANGE-OVER-SANDS LA11 7AS. For Ms A Finan. Grant with Conditions.

Alteration to window and door openings and installation of solar panels on the south roof slope of the east and west wings on the northern section, Blawith Farm Lindale Road GRANGE-OVER-SANDS LA11 6EU. For Mr Timothy Leach. Grant with Conditions.

Conversion of the vacant attic in the central portion of Hazelwood Court, to an additional three-bedroomed flat (Use Class C3), together with external alterations including a glazed balustrade & enclosure, Hazelwood Court Lindale Road GRANGE-OVER-SANDS LA11 6SP. For Mr Peter Thompson. Grant with Conditions.

Fell Ash trees with Ash Dieback, 5 Leylandii and 1 Birch tree, Woodlands Cottage Windermere Road GRANGE-OVER-SANDS LA11 6EX. For Mr Paul Cullen. No objections.

Conversion of redundant barn to a three bedroom dwelling , Barn at Grayrigg Hall Grayrigg KENDAL LA8 9BU. For Mr Richard Harker.Grant with Conditions.

Variation / removal or discharge of conditions 7 (external noise),8 (noise validation), 9 (construction management plan) & 10 (contamination) attached to planning permission, Barn at End of Shortbutts Lane Hutton Roof CARNFORTH LA6 2PG. For Mr and Mrs Peter Prickett. Grant with Conditions.

Screening request for the replacement outfall at Kendal Wastewater Treatment Works, Kendal Wastewater Treatment Works, Wattsfield Road KENDAL LA9 5JN. For United Utilities. County Matter EIA NOT Required.

Application under section 73 to amend conditions 1, 4 and 9 of Approval of Reserved Matters ref. SL/2018/0011 to: (i) amend the house types on plots 111-114, with consequential amendments to the road layout, drainage, landscaping and proposals to meet Building Regulations Requirements M4(2) and M4 (3); and (ii) make wider amendments to Phase 4 in respect of road layout, drainage, landscaping and other external works, Phases 3 & 4 Strawberry Fields Oxenholme Road KENDAL Erection of 49 dwellings (Phases 3 and 4). For Oakmere Homes (NW) Ltd. Grant with Conditions.

Ground floor extension to form new entrance porch and utility room, new door opening to existing balcony and new decking at first floor level, replacement roof over existing dining room, Hill House Gillinggate KENDAL LA9 4JB. For Mr & Mrs Field. Grant with Conditions.

Change of use of land for 10 additional touring caravan pitches and installation of stone access track , Spital Farm Appleby Road KENDAL LA9 6PJ. For Mr Mark Dodgson. Grant with Conditions.

Proposed single storey front and rear extension and two storey side extension , 24 Grasmere Crescent KENDAL LA9 6LP. For Mr Scott Littlewood. Grant with Conditions.

Internal alterations & window repairs, 19 Collin Croft KENDAL LA9 4TH. For Mr Oliver Whiteside. Listed Building – Grant.

Retention of single storey rear extension, 40 Buttermere Drive KENDAL LA9 7PA. For Mr Allen Hill - Grant Cond.

Replacement composite front door and 2 UPVC front windows (Retrospective), 6 Longpool KENDAL LA9. For Mr Daniel Rooke. Retrospective - Grant Cond.

Erection of six affordable dwellings , land off Pitt Lane High Biggins Kirkby Lonsdale CARNFORTH LA6 2NP. For Mr David Ireland. Grant with Condition.

Single storey side extension, Annexe Two Acres Force Lane Levens KENDAL LA8 8ED. For Megan Whinfield Grant with Conditions.

Car port (Retrospective), Annexe Two Acres Force Lane Levens KENDAL LA8 8ED. For Megan Whinfield. Retrospective - Grant Cond.

Two storey side extension, 14 Dallam Chase MILNTHORPE LA7 7DW. For Miss Bethany Ingham. Grant with Conditions.

Internal works to attic joists and two staircases that lead up from the ground floor m Natland Hall Farm Natland KENDAL LA9. For Mr Dale Rennard. Listed Building - Grant Cond.

Erection of stable block (Part retrospective), Field End Farm Stainton KENDAL LA8 0LF. For Miss Amy Dixon. Retrospective - Grant Cond.

Change of use of land to siting of 12 pitches for touring caravans/motorhomes/campin g (Part retrospective), Raines Hall Sedgwick KENDAL LA8 0JH. For Graham Wadsworth. Withdrawn.

Installation of fence and hedge surrounding Klargester Biodisk BF Package Treatment Plant (Retrospective), Land to the South of Willowsway Lodge Willowsway Country Estate Stainton KENDAL LA8 0LE. For Mrs H Waterhouse. Retrospective - Grant Cond.

Erection of two polytunnels for lambing sheep and fattening lambs , Burneside Hall Burneside KENDAL LA9 6NR. For Mr J Gibson. PN AGBU PA not required.

Application for a Lawful Development Certificate for the installation of roof top mounted solar PV equipment across several buildings at Burneside , James Cropper Plc, Burneside Mill, Burneside KENDAL LA9 6PZ. For Mr Dick Towler. Withdrawn.

Demolition of existing rear extensions, replacement single & two storey rear extensions, internal alterations, alterations to the front garden to form 2 parking spaces and single storey detached pool building to the rear , 18 Princes Street ULVERSTON LA12 7NB. For Mr Matthew Mayvers. Grant with Conditions.

Prune back lateral branches facing development by 2m to allow clearance from building, crown lift over footpath to provide a 2.5 metre clearance from ground level and 5.2 metre clearance over public highway to allow vehicle clearance, remove dead wood throughout crown to prevent possible pedestrian injury, 1 Victoria Court Ford Park Crescent ULVERSTON LA12 7TS Oak T1. For Mr Michael Lupton. Grant with Conditions.

Demolition of existing rear extensions, replacement single & two storey rear extensions, internal alterations, alterations to the front garden to form 2 parking spaces and single storey detached pool building to the rear, 18 Princes Street ULVERSTON LA12 7NB. For Matthew Mayvers. Listed Building - Grant Cond.

Beech (T1) – Fell, St Marys Mount Belmont ULVERSTON LA12 7HD. For Mr Gerald Bobbett. No objections.

9DR Formal notification of 28 days notice in accordance with Regulation 5 of the Electronic Communications Code Regulations 2017 (as amended) of the intention to install 2 x 8m wooden poles (6.2m above ground), GSK Sports Social Club Glaxosmithkline North Lonsdale Road ULVERSTON LA12 . For Openreach. PN TEL PA not required

Extension to existing cattle building following demolition of part of the building at the southern end (resubmission SL/2020/0157), Bolton Manor Farm Little Urswick ULVERSTON LA12 0PX . For Mr Thomas Stable. Grant with Conditions.