I READ the letter from Mr Hordijon in support of the Cumbrian coal mine (The Mail letters, February 10). In that letter he makes two main points in favour of the mine.

The first is that it will create jobs, and the second is that there is no point in restricting our emissions given the current trajectory of the emissions from China.

While these are important points, I disagree that they are determinant.

As the coal mine’s own environment report indicates, the mine will add to the net global greenhouse gas emissions each year. I have calculated the environmental value of the damage caused by the mine’s annual emissions to be, initially, £40 million per annum.

The damage caused by these emissions will be disproportionately felt around the world by the poorest and most vulnerable. Their livelihoods and, possibly, their lives will be severely affected by climate change.

Secondly, the fact that China is not moving as fast as we would like towards carbon neutrality should surely not stop us doing as much as we can. If we all moved at the speed of the slowest, disaster would be just around the corner.

I believe that we need to lead by example and encourage those that are slow, to quicken their pace.

The United Kingdom is chairing a vitally important global conference at the end of this year in Glasgow. We will be severely hampered in our ability to influence other countries if we continue to allow this mine to be constructed.

Cllr Giles Archibald