IT goes without saying that 2020 was a turbulent year for many of us.

With lockdown rules in place, the people of Barrow were forced to stay indoors for most of the year.

However, that didn’t stop the criminals from coming out to play as 7424 crimes were reported in Barrow last year.

The data from the Cumbria constabulary shows that violent and sexual offences were the most reported crime by far (2971), making up 40 per cent of the total reported crimes.

There were also 1769 anti-social behaviour reports last year and 750 reports relating to criminal damage and arson.

The least reported offences surrounded theft.

Theft from a person was the least reported crime (16), followed by robbery (19) and bicycle theft (35).

Barrow streets with the most crime reports in 2020

According to the data, one Barrow street stood out from the rest when it came to crime reports.

Siemen’s Street was the Barrow street with the most reported crimes in 2020, with a whopping 105 reports.

Violence and sexual offences were the most reported crime on this street (50), making up almost half of the total.

There were also a lot of anti-social behaviour reports (18) along with public order offences (14)

There were also a lot of reports on Hindpool Road (70) and not forgetting Salthouse Road (68).

Fell Street wasn’t far behind with 64 crime reports.

How many crimes have gone unsolved?

Out of the 7424 crimes reported in Barrow, no suspect was identified in 15 per cent of cases.

A further five per cent of cases are still awaiting a court outcome and officers were unable to prosecute a suspect in 33 per cent of cases.