WE asked Mail readers whether they would still go to the pub if the pub wasn't serving their alcohol.

Here is what you said...

Tim Woodburn said: "Would you go to the shop if they had no toilet roll or pasta???"

Mark Wyborn said: "Tim Woodburn they didn't have any in March 20."

Elizabeth Thompson said: "I certainly would."

Christopher Wilde said: "Do they still have wine at church? Asking for a friend..."

Justin Quint said: "Either allow pubs to open asap whilst following specific rules or watch many businesses never reopen."

Vanessa Macdonald said: "No."

Ian Mcskimmings said: "No, but I'd go to a pub that didn't sell food."

Danielle Murphy said: "Would you wash your hair without shampoo or conditioner? Or wash your body with no body wash?"

Graeme Azza Harrison said: "Would you go to the chippy if you weren’t hungry ??"

Carl McClelland said: "Only one pub Crown on Walney, they do the best cajun chicken baguettes I know."

Tricia Baker said: "I would just to spend time with friends. Better than being at home seeing no one."

Emily Park said: "If it meant I could see my friends and family, yes!"

Anthony Perkins said: "No. Pubs aren't the same without beer."

Jon Hawkins said: "Yeah, why not?"

David Chillman said: "Nope."

Graham Sturgeon said: "If they put the vaccine in beer and opened up the pubs, the whole country would be vaccinated by next Thursday. just trying to help."

Bradley Bibby said: "That’s a bit like asking would you go to the barbers if there not doing haircuts."