A BARROW councillor is hoping to open a new post office in Ormsgill.

Cllr Bill McEwan has revealed he is working hard to secure space for a post office after the previous one in Ormsgill shut down.

This has meant Ormsgill and Hawcoat residents have been forced to use the post office on Oxford Street.

However, this has led to complaints being made.

With it taking longer to travel to Oxford Street, residents have highlighted it is a struggle for the elder generation who live in Ormsgill.

As a result of this, Cllr McEwan is now looking to solve this particular problem for residents.

He said: “I am fighting very hard to get this back up because we do need it for the residents as it offers a lifeline.

"When the owner decided to shut the post office during the pandemic, the shop hasn’t been used since.

"After closing down, it has caused a lot of problems for residents in Ormsgill and some people from Hawcoat, especially for older people who use the post office for the likes of gas bills.

“Myself and the two other councillors, Cllr Derek Brook and Cllr Beverly Morgan, are now looking to see if we can reinstate a new post office here.”

After holding a meeting with Post Office, Cllr McEwan said that both parties were keen to see a replacement found.

However, there is now an issue with securing an appropriate building.

With the empty shop on Middlefield owned by Barrow Borough Council, they are hoping to see a new occupier to take over.

A prospective buyer is interested in buying the building, but is not looking to use it as a post office, Cllr McEwan revealed.

With him now pushing for a meeting with Post Office again, Cllr McEwan has suggested that the newly-refurbished Sure Start Community Centre could be used.

He said: "I will ask the Post Office when we met if we can use the community centre - this will offer a local option for residents.

"It doesn't need to be open five days a week, but it can offer people a place to sort out mail and pay for bills."