CONCERN has been raised about plans for a new wind farm off the Barrow Coast.

The Crown Estate has announced six proposed new offshore wind projects in the waters around England and Wales. BP and EnBW secured two sites - one situated off the Northern Welsh Coast and the other located off the coast of Barrow - which both have the potential to host up to 1500 MW of wind capacity.

However, Extinction Rebellion Furness has raised concern about the way in which the auction of licences for these locations took place.

A spokeswoman said: "Any plans for a major new wind farm are, of course, very welcome. However, the way in which the auction of licenses has taken place has risked inflating costs in the green energy market that will ultimately fall to UK taxpayers and could increase the cost of the UK meeting its carbon targets.

"We need to ensure that the value of the UK's wind resource goes into a green sovereign wealth fund that can support the transition to a zero carbon economy."